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Maternity Meditation Class


Low-income Maternal Support

Every mother has the right to compassionate and competent care.  Studies show that women who have a birthworker on their side - particularly a doula, experience less pregnancy related complications and death.  We've made it our mission to lower the maternal death rate in Harris County and place our trained doulas with mothers who may not otherwise be able to afford traditional postpartum care. Learn more about how a doula can support you.

Are you expecting or have recently delivered? Complete the form (click here) to see if you qualify for free or low-cost support. Our maternal support packages range from 1-day parenting intensives to overnight care.  You will need your most recent paycheck stub or bank statement to apply.  If you do not have these items, please call us at (832)305-5451.

Take 5 minutes to apply. You will hear back from someone within 24 hours.

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