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Prenatal Yoga


Full-Spectrum Guidance

Birth Doula Services

Our Birth Doulas at MILK are your dedicated allies during the miraculous journey of childbirth. We specialize in providing comprehensive support for a healthy and empowered birthing experience. From crafting personalized birth plans to continuous labor support, our focus is on ensuring that your childbirth journey aligns with your unique preferences and needs. Here's what our Birth Doula services include:

Personalized Birth Plans:

  • Tailored to your preferences and needs

  • Comprehensive guidance on birthing options

Prenatal visits & Education:

  • Childbirth education

  • Comfort & labor positions

  • Postpartum planning

Continuous Labor & Birth Support:

  • Experienced presence throughout labor and delivery

  • Planned Cesarean Support

  • Comfort measures and emotional support

Advocacy and Communication:

  • Liaison with medical professionals

  • Ensuring your wishes are communicated effectively

  • 24/7 Text, call and email (virtual) support

  • Support starts at $2000

Lifestyle Doula Services

MILK Lifestyle Doulas specialize in nurturing a healthy pregnancy, focusing on mom's well-being through diet and lifestyle adjustments. Whether you're navigating a high-risk pregnancy, struggling with conception, or simply seeking to optimize your health during this critical time, our Lifestyle Doula services are tailored to support you.

Healthy Pregnancy Focus:

  • Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies

  • Guidance for overweight or fertility challenges

Diet and Lifestyle Adjustments:

  • Personalized recommendations for a healthy pregnancy

  • Customized meal mapping

  • Lifestyle plan & coaching to help you reach your goals

Complimentary First Consultation:

  • Discuss your unique needs and preferences

  • Tailor our services to your specific situation

  • Support starts at $1200

Both Birth and Lifestyle Doula services include a complimentary first consultation, and mothers can contact us at any point during their pregnancy for seamless and supportive care. Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that our team is here to make your childbirth and pregnancy experience truly exceptional.

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