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Mushroom Soup


Warming + Healing Foods

Our founder, Lavi Re' is plant-based chef and certified holistic health coach.  She has created numerous meal plans for women seeking to improve their health and heal their bodies.

From the principles from Heng Ou - "faith in the power of food to nurture and revitalize," her own cultural Panamanian dishes, and seasonal ingredients in our local markets, Lavi has curated 4-week meal plans for new mothers.

The meals are designed to: 

  • Improve healing from childbirth

  • Supply necessary vitamins, minerals and micronutrients for cell maintainance and processes

  • Balance mother's hormones and those passed through breastmilk

  • Sustain or increase milk supply (as requested)


  1. Warming meals designed to help heal mother's womb and nourish her cells

  2. 12 fruit-, nut- and/or protein-based snacks to sustain mom throughout the day and tailored to fit her preferences

  3. 2 main dishes per day, prepared based on mom's unique needs, and stored on-site, to be reheated during meal time

  4. Fresh juices prepared in home to be consumed within the hour or Smoothies stored in the freezer or refrigerator

  • Smoothies and juices for milk supply,

  • Hormone balance,

  • Detoxing as needed,

  • Meal supplementation for mothers with a low appetite.


Your cook, will visit your home once or twice per week to prepare meals, snacks, and beverages. Meals will be prepared, stored and the work area cleaned after each visit. Meals serve 1 - 2 people. Please provide a clean working area & pots when the cook arrives.

Your cook will pick-up groceries, and bring storage containers and specialty appliances (if they are not on hand).  For COVID precautions, we request families to provide their own pots, baking dishes, and utensils that will be cleaned and put away after each use.

  1. Phone meeting to discuss mother's preferences, health requirements, habits and start date

  2. Cook tailors postpartum menu to mother's needs

  3. Groceries to be ordered online for pick-up or delivery

  4. Cook will bring specialty grocery item that may or may not be ordered online.

  5. Cook arrives at home at scheduled time and prepares meals for 3 - 4 days to be stored in refrigerator

  6. Cook prepares fresh juice and/or smoothies for mom to consume that day while nutrient content is at its highest

  7. Cook stores food in sterilized containers, cleans all pots and utensils; returns them to their appropriate spaces

  8. Cook comes to home:

Option A: TWO times per week on designated days

Option B: ONCE per week on designated day

COST (Opt. A) $200.00/week for meals for 7 days.

COST (Opt. B) $125.00/week for meals for 3 - 4 days.

Does not include the price of food.

 At this time, meals are only available for postpartum care clients.

Local Houston Meal Prep: (713)384-6381

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