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In-home Pampering

Indulge in an in-home pampering treatment designed to invigorate and recharge postpartum mothers.  There's no requirement or limit as to how many months postpartum you should or should not be, outside of being able to soak in a bath.

Your pampering team will arrive with everything needed to help mother unwind, release anxiety, and enjoy a space of peace and calm. 

  • 45 minute full body rub-down or postpartum massage with soothing oils

  • Relaxing, cleansing and hydrating facial

  • Milk or herbal sitz bath (if medically cleared for bath otherwise

       steam treatment session)

  • Sweet & salty charcuterie board and beverages

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spa pics 3_edited.png

The beauty of Maternity Spa is an experienced doula is there, caring for your newborn* permitting you to relax, talk to your provider, or just listen to music (or the silence). Your doula will bring your little one to you to nurse when it's time, and change diapers, soothe, entertain and put your little one to sleep. 

$275.00  - 1.75 hour session

$325.00 - extend to include up to 4 hours of child care

FREE - our first time clients receive a complimentary session

*For infants up to 1 year

Our specialists are professionally trained and licensed in their area of care.

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