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30-day Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping Lists for Optimal Pregnancy!

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Even if you don't know what to prepare

Even if you're a "bad" cook

Even if you have sugar and other unhealthy cravings

We've got you!

Plant-based Pregnancy is the quintessential guide to help you cut unhealthy cravings, cut junk, and introduce whole, life-giving foods into your body.

We know how difficult it is to change your diet, that's why we created recipes that are easy to follow, globally inspired - with flavorful herbs and spices - and full of protein, iron and folate, all essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Nurturing your body at this point in life goes far beyond a healthy pregnancy.

  • It aids in having a smooth, manageable delivery

  • Improves fetal brain and physiological development

  • Energizes your body for the 4th trimester

  • Speeds healing and builds immune response

  • Sets you up for a healthy life into motherhood and beyond

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Eating Plant-based is for everyone, especially pregnant & nursing Mamas. 
Here's why -

1. A plant-based diet can help reduce the risk of pregnancy related nutritional complications including gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, both of which are related to how your body metabolizes food.

2. Plant-based foods contain phytochemicals not found in any other source (like meat or dairy). These phytochemicals help balance hormones, metabolize fat, and regulate nutrient absorption.

3. Pregnant mamas need the immune boost that plant-based foods like kale, spinach, garlic and onions provide. When you're pregnant your immune response drops and certain foods have a protective effect.

4. Eating a diet rich in plant fiber can help you reach a healthy weight.  Preventing unnecessary weight gain or loss during pregnancy ensures a healthier delivery and recovery.


So, how does Plant-based Pregnancy work?

Every day you'll find an easy to prepare meal or breakfast smoothie to start your day.

You'll also have 6 healthy lunches that you can choose from + 6 healthy dinner salads each alternating week.

If your goal is to lose weight or gain minimal weight (because of doctor's orders), you can do the weekly juice fast.

Alternatively, you can do the juice fasting before you become pregnant to cleanse your body, tone your uterus and improve your health.

Two shopping lists and bi-weekly recipes for each meal are included to save you time and money.

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